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Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) has three Community Advisory Committees— one covering the Cairns, Cape and Torres region, one covering the Townsville region, and the third one covering the Mackay region.

Committee members are comprised of health service users, consumers, carers, and community members, and act as a critical friend to NQPHN by bringing community perspective to advise the planning of activities and priorities. The committees’ advice is aligned with NQPHN’s Health Needs Assessment and local and Commonwealth priorities.

The aim of the Committees is to enable health system improvement and reform in local regions and for identified community groups. They ensure that community ideas drive improvements in person-centred care to deliver better health outcomes that are locally-relevant and aligned to local care experiences and expectations.

The Committees also guide and advise NQPHN to improve its social impact, cultural security, and patient safety of programs it commissions throughout the region.

As champions of change, members maximise and leverage their own community networks to improve health outcomes through coordinated care.

The Community Advisory Committees play a key role in helping to guide NQPHN in ensuring activities are connected to and supported by the communities it serves.

The Committees are chaired by the executive directors of NQPHN’s regional offices.

Loretta Rigby Interim Cairns, Cape and Torres Executive Director, NQPHN (Committee Chair)
Kylie Young Deadly Inspiring Youth Doing Good
Deborah Gillespie Tablelands Regional Council
Cassie Biggs Centacare
Stephen Bell Department of Education
Stephen Ung Department of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
Marcella Ketchell Department of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
Ned David Torres Strait Islanders Regional Education Council
Eddie Newman Northern Peninsula Regional Council Mayor
Oriel Murray Gungarde Community Centre Aboriginal Corporation
Karin Barron Mackay Executive Director, NQPHN (Committee Chair)
Bridgett Mather Mackay Regional Council
St Nigel Dalton Queensland Police
Shanelle Dumma Carers Queensland
Vivi Starrett Mackay and District Australian South Sea Islander Association
Jeff Stewart- Harris Isaac Regional Council
Dorne Wallace Regional Social Development Coalition
Dr Anne Butcher Mackay Women’s Centre and Domestic Violence Resource Centre
Bianca Fewquandie Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
Georgine Crawford George St Neighbourhood Centre
Trudi Sebasio Mackay Hospital and Health Service
Melissa Freestun Townsville Executive Director, NQPHN (Committee Chair)
Meg Davis Townsville Multicultural Support Group
Gabe Cairns Townsville Multicultural Support Group
Matt Lyons Townsville Stronger Communities Action Group
Lynore Geia James Cook University
Wendy Lang Queensland Youth Services
Jeremy Audas Richmond Fellowship Queensland
Kim Neilsen The Good Shepherd Home
Chandell Derham Defence Families of Australia
Linda Robinson Department of Communities
Kirsty Ahern Carers Queensland Ltd
Pauline Woodbridge NQ Domestic Violence Resource Service
Sally Butler Townsville City Council
13 October 2020